On the Job Motivation: The Push-Pull Factor

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Here’s a concept to add to your thoughts on motivation and moving toward your goals…like getting out of your job and doing your own thing…or just finding a healthy form of employment that won’t give you polyps through adverse stress.


What’s probably the case with your job is it’s a push away from experience. You want to move away from the job you hate more than anything else you seem to be consciously aware. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s a certain task, maybe it’s a specific room, or maybe it’s all the above.

Either way you’ve got strong motivation to move away from it.

The good part about that motivation is that the closer you are to the job you hate, the more motivated you are.

The bad part is this…the more you move away from it, the less motivated you become.

It’s kind of like staring at a bright light bulb. The closer you are to it the more painful it is to look at, the more heat your feel from it. Yet as you move away from it the less and less effect it has on you.


Here’s where your wishes show up. What you want is out there. You know it, you can feel it.

When you really know what you want and you know how to move toward it and you can see whether you are moving toward it or not…you have a pull mechanism in place.

A pull motivator is one that the closer you get to it the more motivated you are. It’s like a large solar body whose gravity pulls you ever closer. The closer you get the more it pulls and pulls.

It does have a disadvantage.

When you start out, it’s very far away and has almost no pull upon you. It’s a nice thought, but that’s all it is, it’s not real enough to pull you out of the mire you’re in now.

So what do you?

Combine the two!

The push fires you away from your current situation strong enough to put you in a space where the pull grabs you and brings you in.

Now you’ll have to play with this. And there are many ways to do so. Maybe you won’t have just two poles (push/pull) but several mini ones on the way – I’d advise this actually. The point is to make sure you have two.

Why? Because you’re most likely going to just have a push pole. And ANY DIRECTION away from something you consider bad is “good”. But any direction doesn’t get you where you want to go.

Any direction could put in a WORSE position. Have you jumped out of a bad job into a worse job before?

So remember both when you get around to thinking about your motivation. You’ll get more bang for your buck.

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