Prevent Project Pain EARLY

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Frustration. I did it again. Eventually I’ll learn…

I got myself into a black hole project because I failed to ask the important questions.  Now I’m stuck for the next few weeks on something that’s probably not going to go anywhere.

Here’s the information, if I would have pushed for it, would make these next few weeks more likely to be worthwhile.

Success or Exit Information

What information will tell you we’ve made it, you’re successful? How will you know you’re done?

What information will tell you you need to quit? This is rarely discussed, but it’s so important. Not every project is worth pursuing – most aren’t. Not every idea is worth pursuing, but you need to have an idea of when to kill it.

Path Information

What information tells you you’re on the right path?  What will signal you’re going in the right direction?  It makes sense.  You’re going to slog away at this for a few weeks.  If there’s a way to know you’re making progress, let’s have that way available.

What information tells you you’re going in the wrong direction?  How will you know when you’re off the path?  Better to know this quickly and adjust.  Even better to know what to look for before it ever happens.

Viewpoint Information

What information would disprove the way you are looking at things?  It’s natural that once you’ve made a commitment you hunker down and only look for ways that confirm and validate what you’re doing. That’s not always helpful – you’ve turned our brain into a “yes man.” You need to have an idea of what dis-confirming evidence will look like beforehand. You’ll be more balanced as you work and think about the project.

So to summarize, have questions on what stops the project.  Have questions on how to know if it’s moving in the right direction.   Have questions on whether the project inhabits reality.

Get this information.  Nag.  Explain why it’s important.  Plead.  For your sanity’s sake, do it!

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One Response to “Prevent Project Pain EARLY”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I can totally relate… I even wrote a song about it!

    Hope you enjoy.

    Much love!

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